Here comes my welcome spring plant poppin’ post.

Here comes my welcome spring plant poppin’ post.

Hey Everyone!
I know how energizing the warmth and approaching growing season is for all of you. Fresh air, windows open, sun shining down, and best of all GREEN GROWTH. Oh Yes!

Now is the perfect time for forcing flowering branches and bulbs. Forsythia, Pussy Willow, Flowering Quince, even Birch and Beech and most all other branches get excited about the chance to come out a little early. A close and personal experience with new budding life is quite nice around the home or office.

For the best possible result with forcing branches select stems that have visibly healthy growth points and avoid old growth with dead portions. (go for the good stuff). When you have collected the right size bunch arrange the stems in your hand and… snip the ends even with nice sharp clippers. Drown bottoms in warm water at least 12 inches deep. They be thirsty you know 🙂 . After a few days you will start to see blooms and/or leaves emerging from the stems! Hooray. Be sure to check water levels, and always provide clean water to keep them FRESH.

Tulips may quite possibly be the yummiest flower in the kingdom. Rainbows of color choices are available in cut bunches and potted plants. Also Hyacinth, Iris, Daffodils, Lilies, and so many others show their pretty faces in the spring. Super select options such as fringed Parrot Tulips and Fragrant Double Bloom Daffs are what does it for me and are also for sale here at Dandelions if you are looking for something extra special.

Please keep in mind that forced bulbs are not always good about re-blooming and preforming in the garden later. If you are like me, you will say, “OH the babies, lets at least give them a chance!”. If you must try to keep them, let the spent blooms die on the plant, and keep caring for the foliage in the pot over the summer. The leaves will eventually die down. Plant the whole pot soil and all in the fall. Pay attention to specific depth requirements for each bulb type.

When you have done your spring cleaning, reward yourself! Stop in the shop to pick up a fresh bouquet that says.. “Spring”…
If you have any questions about this or other flower care issues please feel free to ask them on our Q and A section of the website.
As always Ladies and Gents… KEEP IT FRESH YO!  Leave a comment below!

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