Flowers To Wear

The popularity of wearable flowers has dramatically increased recently.

Our corsages are customized to coordinate with any outfit and jewelry and can be viewed as jewelry themselves.  We primarily use orchids for corsage work.  They come in every color and hold up very well.  With the introduction of so many exciting corsage accents you can  choose to add pearls, gems or crystals to a silver, gold or green hand woven wire bracelet and viola!

For boutonnières simple is best.  Keeping a boutonnière intact on a groom, groomsmen or a hugging father can be quite a task.  We strive to make our pieces as durable as they are beautiful.   Another alternative to the traditional pinned boutonnière is the pocket card.  We create this by fastening the flowers to a small card that slides into the pocket of the tux.  Simply express your preference and we will gladly accommodate whichever style you prefer.


Another traditional way to wear flowers is in a custom designed hairpiece.   If a bride opts for a veil she often chooses to replace it after the ceremony with a pretty floral hairpiece.  We will happily provide the hairdresser with loose blooms to incorporate into the bride’s and bridesmaids’ hairstyles.  Hairpieces are also a flower girl’s favorite accessory and not to be forgotten!

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