Flowers Form Fashion

Flowers Form Fashion

Earlier this season we had the pleasure of working with my very good friend, the lovely Carol Rash. I wanted to create a sexy medley of leather, body florals, and natural backdrops, and of course encompass a sharp edge. The location was selected for the rich textural grey barn board, plantings, and privacy for us to have some fun!

We started by wrapping her up with brown leather straps and strands of white roses. The hair piece was created with silver aluminum wire, white orchids and craspedia. The matching bouquet showcased the silver wire work with Tiger Eye beads and craspedia balls with one of my signature grass weaved handles. I wanted the makeup to show off her stunning blue eyes, and fair complexion, which played perfectly with the greens of the Honeysuckle bush. I am so pleased to be able to present to you ..from concept to finish my design work with Carol.

Thank you to my pal Steve Pelizza, my patient and accepting employees Lisa Delisle, and Hope Cochrane, and Bill Stockman of Spider Web Gardens for letting us use his space.

Most of all thank you Carol, you were way too much fun, beautiful and now officially part of my portfolio forever…….Enjoy the pics!





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