Flower Care

-General Care-

There are many important things to know regarding the care of your newly purchased or gifted flowers.  Below are some of my tips and advice to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.  All flowers have a different vase life, I will endeavor to add vase lives for specific flowers on this page as time allows.  Variations in the environment also effect flowers drastically.

I’ve just received an arrangement, what should I do with it?

Place flowers away from heat and sun and always place them on a protected area such as a counter top or place mat.

What should I do with my new Wrapped Bouquet?

If you receive or purchase a wrapped bouquet it is VERY important to get them to water quickly, in no more than four hours. Wrapped flowers MUST have their stems freshly cut before finding their way into a container.

Do arrangements in floral foam receive special treatment?

Check the water level and add water daily. After three days place them in the sink in their vessel. Then run the water into the vessel, allowing it to overflow as it rinses and refreshes the foam and the old water.

My arrangement is in water only, how should I care for it?

Check the water level and add daily. Then, after three days change the water completely, rinsing the vessel and refilling it with clean, cool water. Before replacing the flowers into the vessel, cut about one inch off of the stems.

Should I mist the flowers?

Yes! Flowers enjoy a light misting of clean, cool water. Avoid oversoaking for this can rot the petals and reduce the vase life.

How long can I expect my new flowers to last?

A typical arrangement should last about one week.

What special treatment should I give my new flowers?

To get the most out of your bouquet or arrangement be sure to interact with it on a daily basis. Keep clean water available, pull any dying petals off and remove sad 🙁 flowers from the arrangement. Also, you should fresh cut the ends of the stems every three days or so.

What’s the best way to change the container water?

Here at the shop we like to firstly arrange the flowers, then preferably over a sink, with one hand carefully lift the bouquet out and with the other hand pour out and refill the water. Lastly we replace the flowers and straighten them out. The series of pictures below show the process.

-Flower Food-

Flower Food is important because it provides nutrients and helps keep bacteria at bay.  Not all flowers like Flower Food, such as any cut bulbs for example.  All of our flowers are pre-treated, meaning we already taken the time to condition them and they should only require basic care for the duration of the time you’ll enjoy them.

Are there any good substitutes for flower food?

No.  Do not use sugar or bleach to substitute for nutrients and antibacterials.  Also, do not put pennies in the water, as is sometimes suggested.

Which flowers like flower food?

Among the flowers that like flower food are Hydrangea, Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Snap Dragons ,Dahlias and Delphinium.

Which flowers do not like flower food?

Examples of flowers that do not like flower food are Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth and Freesia.

Do you have any tips regarding flower food?

Yes!  Flower food should mainly be used as an opening agent.  If a bloom is still tight and has a way to go give it some food.  On the other hand, if a bloom is at its peak and doesn’t require a push to open it then just clean, cool water is what’s best.

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