A touch of beauty and life can go a long way in making clients and guests feel at ease and welcomed.  Green plants clean the air in your space and are a nice way of saying “We care”.  Presentation of a business plays a large role in how people view you and having a little luxury at the front desk is a nice way to greet a waiting guest or client.

In addition, acknowledging a star employee or remembering his or her birthday does wonders for making one feel appreciated.   We encourage you to prepare ahead and pre-order for any client or employee on your list and we will take care of the rest.  House accounts with monthly billing make it easy.  We can be of assistance with many of your needs such as:

  • Parties and Events
  • Employee and Client Appreciation Gifts
  • Plant Rentals and Maintenance
  • Window Boxes and Outside Pots
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Deliveries


When the holiday season arrives it can be a very exhausting time for business owners.  We enjoy handling many local businesses’ holiday decorations and are available to do yours as well.  We are quick, efficient and always maintain an unobtrusive profile around your guests and clients.  What would take the average person a few days to dream up and decorate can be done by our staff in one afternoon.


Contact Info

  • 603-569-1347
  • 35 Center St, Clarke Plaza Wolfeboro NH